AVP workshops are experiential in nature. They are usually held over two or three days and are led by a team of facilitators. There are three levels of workshops.

The Basic Workshop provides an introduction to the process of experiencing the ways of non-violence. The workshop presents a series of activities, discussions and experiences that encourage affirmation of self and others, begin to deepen the communication process and develop a sense of trust and community. There is a focus on creative conflict resolution, using the concept of Transforming Power.

For those wishing to go further, the Advanced Workshop provides a framework in which the group can select more specific areas for exploration, such as hatred, forgiveness, fear, gender issues, power, anger, etc. Advanced Workshops can be designed to meet the needs of the specific group, with the theme being chosen by the group or by the team prior to the workshop.

One of the fundamental opportunities offered by AVP is for workshop participants to move into the role of workshop facilitators. The Training for Facilitators workshop is available, by invitation, to participants who have completed the basic and advanced workshops and who wish to become members of the facilitation team.

Participants in the Advanced or Training for Facilitators workshops need to have completed the previous levels.