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Working as an AVP facilitator is a considerable responsibility, an ongoing learning process and a big time commitment. We encourage all active facilitators to attend our training sessions.



AVPWA Training Schedule 2017

Venue for Thursday meetings – 35 Clifton Crescent, Mount Lawley

Time: 7.00 for pizza, starting at 7.30pm – finishing at 9.15pm.





Thursday 2nd February

Principles of Non-violence

Merril, Sallie

Thursday 2nd March

Thursday 6th April

 Stakeholder mapping

Mark, Sue 

Saturday 6th May

Acacia Prison Training:
 Communication; Roleplays

Thursday 1st June

 HIPP training night at Darlington


Thursday 6th July

Taster night for friends 


Thursday 3th August

 T4F agenda, evaluations, etc


Saturday 2nd September

 Acacia Prison Training:


Thursday 5th October



 Thursday 2nd November



Saturday 2nd December

Acacia Prison Celebration


Thursday 14th December

Community Celebration